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Welcome to Sowfully Living Life!

I am Geri Turner Bright, Chief Prophetic Strategist and this space is reach, teach, coach and strategize with Believers, Seekers, Lost and ultimately those that will find and become Found!

Sowfully Living Life is a lifestyle. It's a way of living that makes the Kingdom of God the driving force behind you, your family and relationships, ministry, business, education, job, career...basically wherever you are - the Kingdom of God is too!

You have with Christ the ability to do ALL THINGS that He has given you to do and nothing and no thing can stop what the Lord calls - it will not only work, He will prosper it too [that includes all of what you're holding]! 

Please connect with me here, and on Instagram @sowfully.living.life as well as on FB @divinelifeblueprint if you are confused where to start, stuck in the middle or not sure how to end - you are not alone and the Lord will guide you to success if you believe, trust, pIant and seed..there will be a harvest!


I look forward to seeing you!