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So exactly who is Geri Turner Bright? Good question.
I am a 100% Godgal. Mommy. Unapologetic Believer of Jesus. Prophet. Autism troublemaker. Creative creator creating. Bibley. Avid reader. Undaunted. Devoted. Ponderer. Inspired. Wordy. Nerdy. Original. Geraldine. Sowfully Living Life Advocate and a perpetual seed and sower!.
My life wasn't always so clear. For years I didn't like nor love the way the Lord made me, in fact  I spent many years in torment literally hating myself and being suicidal as a teenager.  I struggled with food and codependence until the Lord  confronted me at church service in a little church in Raleigh, North Carolina and  dealt with me about the uniqueness of each of us including myself and that dishonoring me was dishonoring Him!  I accepted Christ that same moment.  
Now, if you expect that Imiraculously became a living saint...uhhhh....naw.  There were more years than not in deep development but the Lord was and is patient, gracious and ever so loving to draw me nearer to Him so He could heal my wounds.  He has healed me of the most deepest soul wounding and truthfully I fully expect to more healed, more delivered and more stretched until I go home to Glory.
I truly desire to see people delivered from the captivity and bondage of sin that enslaves them.  My objective in my teaching is to get people free and bring them out of the dark into the Light so they can live fearlessly!
If you crave to have the prophetic voice of the Lord in coaching and strategizing and truly want to love your unique purpose and design and walk in the power of being exactly who God made and intended them to be too - then don't you want to find that out?
Then if that's you, you are in the right place!!! Let's work together and get ready to BLOOM! 
Woo Hoo! 


I’ve known Geri about 18 years, and that is a short time.  It’s a little less than one third of my life thus far.  Yet, when I think of her, the thoughts are more like the thoughts one might have of a life-long friend or even a sibling.  In retrospect, it seems to me that it felt that way almost immediately upon meeting her, and the passing of time has only served to put a brighter shine on it.


I had no idea, at the time we met, that I needed her.  I didn’t even think I was in need.  I was going through the motions.  


And then the Universe put Geri in my sphere.  Again, I didn’t know it at the time, but that was both a lifeline and a turning point.


Geri just seems to know intuitively when to be there for you, and how to be there for you. 


She has been an electric blanket when my world turned to ice.  She has been ears that listen and eyes that see, when my world seemed blind and deaf.  She has been my sounding board when friends have abandoned me, my sympathetic sister when I was my own worst enemy, my reflective philosopher when the time was right for processing and taking stock.


Geri naturally wields a kind of alchemy, with which she can apparently transform suffering into joy.  She is no stranger to pain and hardship, and she is masterful at allowing those things to make her stronger and more joyful, rather than letting them defeat her.  She makes no bones about it:  She wants to share that ability with others.  She has sprinkled some of that magic on me, at just the right times, and in just the right amounts.


Geri has helped me get through changes, both welcome ones and unwelcome ones, and I think it is mainly through the strength of her faith, which is an unwavering faith that hope is not in vain, that hope is not futile, that hope is reasonable and realistic and often, often fulfilled.  Somehow, she transferred some of that faith to me, and that has made all the difference.


I am so, so thankful to know Geraldine Turner-Bright, and to call her my dear friend.


Alan Hunt

Los Angeles, CA


Geri Turner-Bright has a true gift with words which allows her to speak to heart of issues in a way that very few can.


As a creative professional, I go through times when life drains me of the motivation I need to push forward, but my conversations with her always elevate me to another level of inspiration and consciousness. She’s like a battery pack powered by divine words, fueling your inner-consciousness to break through those difficult times in life when you could easily just give up on yourself.


It’s those moments in my life when I’ve been faced with difficult decisions regarding my future that a chat with Geri has allowed me to refocus my mind, gain much needed clarity, and carry-on with what’s needed to be done.


Geri offers healing through her carefully crafted words molded through her life’s experience. I’m thankful to call her a friend and would recommend anyone in need of repair to their heart, soul, and mind to have a chat with Geri.


Nabeeh Bilal

Creative Professional

Founder, CreativeJunkFood + Callaloo Kids


The first time I met Geri, I can’t even remember it. I’ve heard stories about it from both her and my mom. Geri told me I hid behind my mom’s leg the first time I saw her and I wasn’t surprised to hear that. I’ve always been shy and slightly afraid of my own shadow. And now being 18 almost going on 19, I see changes. And some of those changes can be attributed to Gerior as I call her my GodMother. And not the GodMother who buys you gifts and gives you money, but as she says the one who spiritual guides you.


One thing about Geri is that she never tells you what you want to hear. And sometimes you may get frustrated, but listen to her. I’ve learned the hard way about not listening to her and God. God speaks through her to me and tells me what I already know I have to do. And sometimes it takes burning bridges or even arguments for me to finally see what’s right for me when she alreadytold me. Listening is one thing I am currently trying to fix with Geri’s help.


Many times, you will cry in Geri’s presence and other times you will laugh. But ultimately you will feel lighter as I have many times. You will feel refreshed as I have many times. And most importantly you will realize that everything will be fine as I have. And that both the lord and Geri has your back.


GodDaughter and

University Student


“Geri Bright is a life coach par excellence who shoots from the hip and is straight forward when she speaks true words that if followed you can be assured that your life will be transformed.


She is witty, passionate and operates under the supernatural auspices of the Spirit of The LORD while possessing the ability to convey to a person that you can believe in yourself and accomplish your short and long term goals.


Ms. Bright is well able to re-kindle the motivating fire that rests in your heart, stir the embers of your dormant thoughts and make them ignite with fresh new found purpose.


The things of value that you thought you could not accomplish, those that seem so far out of grasp; she illuminates a path and gives light and solid structure to what was obscure.


Geri is a veteran of hope and is endowed with the spirit of exhortation as she adds eagles wings to your vision, and walks with you until you are in magnificent flight on your own reaching to heights that you once thought unattainable."


Jennine Mclaughlin



Geri Turner Bright is one of the most spiritually gifted people I have ever met, and she brings that anointed gift to each coaching session. I am often amazed by the sheer speed of her response to questions and her quick witted insight...its as if she has a direct line to the Lord and a direct stream to bring it down to you. What I love most about Geri is her infectious fun-loving energy. If you've ever had a childhood BFF that you would stay up for hours and hours talking about everything and anything and felt so much better in the end...that's Geri...she is a truly gifted coach and guide who will lift you to your highest expression. Your goals become her goals...and she will empower you and make sure you achieve and receive your victory.

Quay Rechel Whitlock

Founder, All Grace and Love

Los Angeles, CA


"Geri is a master of ministry and strategy.  Her words and actions have prepared me to follow my destined path the Lord created for me.  Geri opened a new world for me, the world that has always been there, but I continued to miss the signals...or breadcrumbs.  Not anymore!


Today I welcome infinite possibilities -- with open arms I accept the support of the Lord!"

Robert T. Brooks III

Founder, SWISH/NYC


Geri is a priceless gift, anointed as a messenger of the Most High. I met Geri during a very troubling season in my life, where I lost every meaningful relationship, from business partners, to friends, and even my immediate family. I was mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt and after partnering with Geri these areas become abundantly whole.


Geri taught me applicable lessons built on a biblical foundation. Our sessions revealed the truth in love and often filled in the gaps to the missing pieces of my puzzle called life. The missing pieces were more than surface level insight, as she is skillful in digging up deeply rooted issues of the heart with goals of creating a brighter future. 


Faith and action collide during Geri’s coaching sessions. She helped me identify and unlock my purpose through teaching, preaching, listening, and prayer.  Her tangible and practical direction joins worldly awareness with spiritual discernment. Sermons, lessons, programs, and personal text messages are just a few methods she used in helping me get to the next stage of my life. 


Geri provided resources directly connected to my circumstances in a timely manner to provide a way of out of bondage and into freedom. She is a master at illuminating universal concepts like love, hope, faith, forgiveness, etc. Geri’s attention to detail reveals we all have unique blueprints for our lives, but our purpose as children of God is the same.



Michael Peterson

Visual Artist

Founder & CEO, Pouer Haus

Atlanta, GA